ARCAM CDS50 CD/Network Player

The CDS50 from Arcam is not only a CD player but it is also a network player, allowing you to listen to stored music or internet services.

Arcam's CDS50 offers stunning sound quality as you would expect from Arcam.
A beautiful engaging listen, all of the detail laid out for you to enjoy, this CD player
is an excellent all-rounder, as at home playing Bach as it is Beiber and everything in-between.

It is a true universal disc player - SACD, CD, CDR and CDRW.
Along with disc playback, the CDS50 will also playback via your network,
this gains you access to streaming services such as Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer and Napster.
The CDS50 also offers playback of Internet radio stations which will get you access to the highest quality broadcasts including BBC Radio 3HD.


It also has both Optical and Coaxal inputs to allow for other digital products to be connected and use the excellent 32bit onboard DAC.
This would allow you to connect your TV to your Hifi system for an example.


Analogue connections are both RCA and XLR so you have a choice depending on your system.


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