Bassocontinuo Isolation Feet Set Of 4


Release the performance of your system by eliminating vibration

Available in 4 levels of load rating (check to ensure you order the correct level)

Supplied in sets of 4 supports

Scientifically tested and proven

Bassocontinuo Isolation Feet Set Of 4

Introducing Ultra Feet from Bassocontinuo, the first scientifically proven HiFi isolation product.


Hand made in Italy after a huge amount of research and development Bassocontinuo took the unusual step of submitting their product for scientific testing. There are lots of products that claim to improve the sound of your HiFi system, and while some do no one else has the data to prove it ! (See charts in our product picture section)


Designed to remove harmful vibration from entering into the sensitive audio equipment the Ultra Feet allow you to hear the sound of your components at there very best, without being subject to external factors. This isolation results in a lower noise floor (the quieter bits sound quieter), a wider soundstage and a cleaner overall sound.


These Ultra Feet are suitable under any HiFi component and there a huge improvement to be found using them under components without moving parts. This is in part due to the way the Ultra Feet stop microphonic vibrations, these are the "enemy" of electrical circuits, in fact, certain components will actually amplify these vibrations further colouring the pure sound you are wanting to achieve, with a set of Ultra Feet installed these vibrations are stopped and the true potential of your system can be realised! 


We recommend the installation of Ultra Feet under each of your components for the maximum effect

Available in 4 weight levels it's is important to ensure that you order the correct level for the product(s) you are wanting to isolate.


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