Chord Electronics

Founded in 1989 Chord electronics is the brainchild of its chief engineer John Franks.

Using knowledge from his year of working in the avionics industry and a deep knowledge of power supplies, Frank
applied this knowledge to his second love, Hifi.

His idea's and concepts for power supplies quickly gain Chord products recognition from giants such as BBC, Sony and Skywalker Sound.
His innovative approach yields stunning results and can be heard thought the Chord range of products.

Amplification may have been Chord's starting point but with the technical knowhow that fellow engineer Rob Watts bought to the table, Chord
is now a byword of class-leading with DAC's (Digital to Analogue Convertors). Using proprietary FPGA technology Chord DAC's can decode more
accurately than most other DAC's on the market, meaning they deliver the very best in sound quality.

Talking of quality, almost all Chord products are made from Aircraft Grade precision-machined Aluminium, from a distance they look impressive, close up the
quality shines through!

Chord products are designed, engineered and built here in the UK, with components sourced as locally as possible to the factory in Kent.

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Chord Huei

Huei is a small form factor phono stage with a big performance. Designed, engineered and built in the UK this is a wonderful performer that will offer great sound to any turntable!


The Chord Mojo is a must for anyone serious about listing to music on the go! This Multi-award-winning DAC, is a belter of a performer With an integral battery, Mojo will take the raw audio signal from your phone, tablet or computer and transform it!


The Chord Poly is an add-on for the excellent Chord Mojo portable headphone amplifier. The addition of Poly to your Mojo gives you network playback and playback from the built-in micro SD card reader

Chord Qutest

The Chord Qutest is the latest in the line of multi-award winning sub £1500 DAC's. Comfortably outperforming any other DAC at its price point it's easy to see and hear why this DAC has won so many awards!