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Chord Qutest

£1,250.00 + FREE DELIVERY
The Chord Qutest is the latest in the line of multi-award winning sub £1500 DAC's. Comfortably outperforming any other DAC at its price point it's easy to see and hear why this DAC has won so many awards!

The DAC (Digital to Analogue Convertor) market is a crowded one, but Chord DAC's are right at the top over every price point.

Designed and built in the UK under the guidance of Rob Watts, Chord DAC's easily outperforms DACs of much higher price points.

Converting Digital back to the analogue domain is something that is done so very often, so if you are using a CD player, Network streamer the
DAC need to convert this to an analogue signal for your amplifier. So much information can be lost at this stage, think of it as adjusting the focus on a
camera, the more in focus the image the better, the more out of focus the image goes blurry and it is harder to work out what it is. This is the same with a DAC,
the more accurately is can convertor the better the picture, or in this case the better the sound will be, it will be closer to the original recording, the goal of all HiFi! 

So the Qutest will deliver you a more musical listen you'll hear things in the music that you never have before.

Offering 1 x Optical connection and 2 x BNC Coaxial digital input (adaptor or additional cable required for RCA Coax connection, please contact us for more information)
and 1 x USB (for connection directly to a computer)

Output via RCA 

Featuring a range of user-adjustable frequency shaping filters.

Machined from Aircraft-grade Aluminum and hand-assembled in the UK

Dimensions of 45mm (H) x 160mm (W) x 88mm (H)

Weight of 1500g

Coming with a comprehensive 3-year warranty 


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