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Chord Signature Super Aray Digital 1.0m


Performance digital connector

Available in various termination options on request

Standard 1m length longer lengths are available POA


The Chord Signature digital is designed to be a crucial link between your digital source and your DAC, whether that is a CD player, Network streamer or Blue Ray player the Signature digital will allow your DAC to get the very best signal from the source.


As more and more systems are going down the route of separate source and DAC these types of cables are getting more and more important. We spend a huge amount of money and time choosing the best source and then selecting the right DAC for our need, but the cable that links the two together is argubly the most importnatn link in the system. If information is lost or noise and jitter enter the signal because of poor cabling then it really is a waste of a really good DAC.


What Chord have done here is using the latest generation of Super Aray geometry to produce a cable that will faithfully transfer the signal between these two components. Using custom made Silver plated terminations for the very best connection and silver-plated conductors sheathed with PTFE insulation for maximum signal transfer.


This cable is available in either RCA-RCA, BNC-RCA, RCA-BNC or BNC-BNC termination. 

Standard 1m length, custom length available by request



Technical specification:

Latest improved ARAY design with greater flexibility.
Ultra low mass silver-plated RCA connectors with precision machined PTFE plug surround.
Two 75 ohm silver-plated oxygen free copper conductors with PTFE insulation.
High density combination silver-plated braid and foil high frequency effective shielding.
Revised Super ARAY conductor geometry can dramatically improve detail and coherence.
Zero compression strain relief system avoids changes in impedance.
Available in 1m and custom lengths. Also available fitted with high performance silver-plated BNC connectors or configured for AES EBU.

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