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Chord Signature Super Aray USB Digital Cable 1.0m


High performance USB cable

Stand 1m length custom length available POA


Chord discovered the effect that a USB cable can have on the signal way back in 2011, they ripped a CD losslessly then connected the laptop to one of the new variants of DACS with USB connection, the sound was really poor in comparison to a reasonable CD transport playing the same CD.


From that point on they started to investigate the effect shielding would have on the USB cables, safe to say that eh principles they had previously applied to analogue and digital cable started to bear fruit.


Fast forward to today and USB audio is a heavily used method of playback so higher quality USB's are more important than ever.


The Chord Signature USB is the latest iteration to use the Super Aray construction and delivers a dynamic, accurate and above all music representation of the music.


Constructed with four separately shielded conductors and insulated with PE/LDPE/PE composite dielectric, with an earth shield connection that protects from high-frequency noise. Utilising silver USB connections built to Chord's exacting specification this cable really delivers on all fronts.


So if you are using a USB connection within your system we really advocate that you give it the very best possible connection for the maximum in sound quality


Technical Specification:

Super ARAY conductors, a revolutionary way of building audio interconnects that brings new levels of coherence, detail and involvement.

Precision silver-plated oxygen free copper twisted Bi-data conductors,

Separately shielded data and power conductors.

Composite PE/LDPE/PE Tri layer insulation.

Chord Company custom Signature Super ARAY conductor configuration.

Dual layer precision applied high coverage foil shielding, effective to very high frequencies.

PVC outer jacket minimises signal degradation caused by mechanical noise.

Chord Company custom silver-plated USB plugs.

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