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Chord Signature Tuned Aray XLR-XLR 1.0m

£1,000.00 + FREE DELIVERY

Stunning XLR cable

Hand built in the UK

1.0m Standard lengths other lengths POA


XLR vs RCA is an on going argument as to which is better, in our experience XLR-XLR is a warmer more open and dynamic presentation. We have found no advantage (in fact it didn't sound as good) to XLR-RCA or vica versa. So if you have XLR on both components then we recommend that you add this exceptionally good cable to your system


Using identical conductors for signal and return is a very easy way of improving the performance of an audio cable – . With many XLR cables, the two signal wires end up being used to carry the hot (in phase) and the cold (out of phase) signals, while the earth/return connection is made with the shield.


Chord however add a third identical conductor to carry the earth/return signal. It takes the shield out of the circuit and by doing so we can seriously reduce unwanted interference. All of our XLR analogue cables are built this way.


By using separate shielding on all three conductors and the Tuned ARAY conductor geometry, gives this cable a neutral and musically transparent XLR cable.


Available in a standard 1m length, other lengths available by request POA

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