Our Demonstration Facilities


Here at Nottingham HiFi Centre we know just how important the audition of your prospective purchase is.


Our demonstration facilities allow for the opportunity to experience a choice of systems in a living room environment away from the distractions of the main shop floor. No time restrictions so you can choose the right product for you in a comfortable and relaxed environment. We even make a pretty good cuppa! 


Alongside our 2 traditional Hifi demonstration rooms we also offer a fully equipped Home Cinema room. Fully kitted out and featuring the latest innovative technology, including Dolby Atmos speakers and high end projector systems.

When you have been to a great concert or live performance, nothing can top that! But we think that being able to relive that when it comes out on Film or Live Album, is possible.

Just close your eyes and relive the moment, hear the Artist in the latest Studio Mastered quality, where every nuance of the Artist’s efforts is crystal clear.

Or seeing that outstanding performance on a life size projector screen or stunning UHD TV, giving you a crystal clear view, immersing you in the moment with a stunning soundtrack to match.

Once you have auditioned your purchase, you can be satisfied that you are buying the right product.

Combine this with our full installation service, ensuring your purchase is correctly set-up for the very best performance.


So why not book your demonstration today by clicking HERE

Or give us a call on 0115 9758613 to speak to us today.

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