Noise Cancelling Headphones

Cut out ambient noise - just you and the music

There's nothing worse than trying to listen to music, only to hear everyone and everything else around you instead. With noise cancelling headphones, ambient noise is cancelled out leaving your music untouched.

Make unbearable, crowded journeys much more enjoyable with a pair of Noise Cancelling Headphones.

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What our customers think...

Anthony W rated us

Arrived promptly , well packaged, all good .

Guy H rated us

A great price for the ex-demo speakers. They sound superb and were delivered promptly.

Craig G rated us

Quick response and item received quickly. Thank you.

Thea McNeish rated us

The Marantz Music Centre with Speakers and cables all arrived on time. We needed to have an extra long cable which was set up by a personal friend and technical 'wizard'. The Radio Internet and CD provide me with all-day non-stop classical recordings with excellent sound.