Power Amplifier

Power Amplifiers are used to control the speakers, taking the audio signal from the pre-amplifier and reproducing it through your speakers with high levels of detail. Whether you need to power bookshelf speakers, or larger floorstanding speakers, Nottingham HiFi Centre has the power amplifier for your needs.

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Craig G rated us

Quick response and item received quickly. Thank you.

Thea McNeish rated us

The Marantz Music Centre with Speakers and cables all arrived on time. We needed to have an extra long cable which was set up by a personal friend and technical 'wizard'. The Radio Internet and CD provide me with all-day non-stop classical recordings with excellent sound.

Victor M rated us

Good quality service and experience

Kevin C rated us

I found Nottingham Hi-fi on the web,it’s a well established company trading for many years.my purchase was quick and delivery speedy.