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Building on the success of the Iso Acoustics Gaia speaker supports and using the knowledge found from producing the Orea equipment supports, Iso Acoustics has created their first turntable support called DELOS. Vibration is a bad thing with any sensitive audio equipment but never more so than with a turntable, Installing a DELOS support under your turntable will allow you to hear what it is really capable of !

The DELOS turntable support brings the acoustics gains that can be found by using the Iso Acoustics Orea supports to the turntable market.

DELOS is constructed from a heavyweight "Butchers Block" with Iso acoustics proprietory isolation products embedded in the underneath.

With DELOS installed it will bring greater transparency and improvement to the soundstage and more clarity and detail.

It does this by isolating the turntable from ting vibrations that will resonate into the turntable and ultimately into the surface of the record, the vibrations will be picked up by the cartridge and 
will be heard in the playback.


The DELOS 1815M2 measures (WxDxH) 18"(455mm) by 15"(380mm) by 3"(76mm) and will support a maximum weight of 55lb(24.9kg)


If you've used Iso Acoustics products before you will know what to expect if you haven't then you really should!

We carry both the Orea equipment isolation products and the Gaia speaker spike replacements.

Give us a call or send us a message to discuss how Iso Acoustic's products can release the full potential of your system !

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