Linn Akubarik

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    The Linn Akubarik active floorstanding loudspeakers offers an outstanding proposition.

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    Linn Akubarik

    The Linn Akubarik active floorstanding loudspeakers offers an outstanding proposition.

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    Availability: In stock

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    The Linn Akubariks offer an outstanding proposition, delivering both in-terms of simplicity and performance.

    Put simply the Akubarik is an active loud speaker, removing the need for many boxes of amplification. The Akubariks offer 6 power amplifiers - 1 for each drive unit. The Akubariks also use Linn's Aktiv crossover system which produces a superb quality of sound.

    The Akubariks utilise the 3K array speaker system - this allows for a single point source to be created offering a staggering amount of detail.

    The amplifiers are housed in an isolated back section of the loudspeaker, this eliminates vibration being transferred into the main chassis.

    The Isobarik bass system gives deep powerful bass whilst maintaining excellent control over the low frequencies.

    All this in a compact cabinet which is available in a range of real wood or high gloss finishes - There is even the option to allow for custom colour finishes. So if you are looking for a stunning sounding minimal system then the Akubarik system may be just what you are looking for.

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