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The MA9000 represents the topline of integrated amplifiers from McIntosh

The MA9000 is simply the best-integrated amplifier that McIntosh produce!

The 300 Watts output will delivery perfect audio to any loudspeaker at any volume, from a whisper to a concert level.
So why 300 Watts? Surely that's more than you need? Not correct, if we think about it in car terms most of us could survive
with a car of 500cc yet we drive 1L ,1.5L , 2L or even bigger...why is that? So we have the power on tap when we need it.
An amplifier is the same, playing the gentle opening part of a symphony is the same as driving around at 20 miles an hour
then the crescendo comes this is like suddenly accelerating up 70 miles per hour, it requires a huge reserve of power and this is where
the MA9000 excels.

Clearly, this is not just limited to classical music pretty much all music has rise and fall, but with the MA9000 in your system you need not
concern yourself about all of this just listen to the sublime sound of your system

Delivering a staggering 300 Watts per channel the MA9000 is a powerhouse of an amplifier.

It represents years of know-how from McIntosh to combine elements from their Preamplifier and Power amplifier
to create a genuinely amazing integrated amplifier that is capable of driving almost any loudspeaker.

Connectivity is the buzzword with this amplifier too, sporting a huge array of connections :

10 Analogue inputs (2 XLR Balanced, 6 RCA unbalanced, Moving Magnet & Moving Coil turntable connections)
6 Digital inputs (2 Coaxial, 2 Optical, 1 USB and 1 MCT (for use with McIntosh CD/SACD transports)

McIntosh are aware just how fast the Digital market can change this is why the included DA1 DAC module is a removable 
component, this allow in the future for any upgrade that might come available ensuring that your amplifier continues to be
at the cutting edge of digital connectivity and decoding!

The board DA1 is the same 8 Channel DAC that is found in the topline CD player the MCD600.

Working in Quad mode means each channel has 4 DAC modules decoding the audio to ensure the very best possible performance.

An onboard 8 channel EQ allows for user customisation to maximise performance.



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