£6,000.00 + FREE DELIVERY
A pure CD/SACD player from a legendary brand

Some brands have stopped developing CD players, not McIntosh, they feel that the format has a huge
number of years still ahead of it. To this end, the MCD350 is a perfectly designed piece of engineering.
Using their copious years of expertise at circuit design, McIntosh has developed a wonderful sound CD player!

Digging detail from your disc's you didn't realise was there, allowing you to rediscover your whole CD collection again!
The death of CD has been greatly exaggerated!

The McIntosh MCD350 has onboard a balanced 32 bit/192Khz DAC.

Ensuring that both CD's and SACD's are decoded to a superb level.

The MCD350 buffers the playback by reading the disc at twice the usual speed,
this allows for a more accurate error correction and better disc tracking.

Featuring both RCA and XLR (balanced) connections, the MCD350 is easy to connect to your existing system.
If you have a pre-amplifier with a DAC or a separate DAC there are both optical and coaxial digital outputs to choose from.


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