Today British manufacture Arcam has added Tidal and Qobuz Audio subscription music services, along with added Internet radio support to a whole host of its network ready devices.

The item I just bought comes with cables, so I don't need to buy any do I? The simple answer is - YES!

In recent times, music streaming services are only becoming more and more popular. But with a huge amount of different services available, which one is right for you? Take a read of this article to find out!

A few days ago Cambridge based Cyrus Audio added Tidal audio support to their current range of streaming units, they are also offering this update to certain legacy products too (contact us for further information)

On Thursday 15th and Friday the 16th of September we were invited to an exclusive first look at the new Naim Audio Uniti system launch.

Everyone wants great-quality sound to complete the TV viewing experience, but not everyone likes the look or the hassle of having numerous speakers and wires that comes with a surround sound system. Soundbars and soundbases offer a compact, neat way to improve your TV’s sound, without the inconveniences that a full surround sound system produces.

For many of us the death of vinyl was greatly exaggerated, certainly in the higher end audio field vinyl never lost its place of reverence. In the mainstream however the dream of ever convenient Compact Disc was pitched and most people were sold. So why are we going back to it ?

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