Puritan PB104 Mains Conditioner


Performance at a new low price

Available in 3 version Standard,with DC filter or without any filtering

Hand made in the UK

No power cables supplied

5 Year Warranty 

Puritan PB104 Mains Conditioner

The PB series represents the first step into the superb world of Puritan power condition, newly introduced April 2021.


The reasons for using power conditioners have never been so many, our whole house power system is subject fo noise being generated by the products we connect to it. Examples are Fridges, Central Heating pumps, Switch mode power supplies found on products such as laptops, TV's and games consoles. The list goes on !!


The PB - Power Brick, is built from magnetically shielded stainless Steel ensuring that the internal components are as protected as possible.


Offering 4 power outlets rated at 14 Amps each this unit can cope with even the higher demand from power amplifiers.

Puritan offer the PB series after distilling down the performance from their internationally recognised and superbly reviewed PS range.


Internally the PB104 have 20 discrete filter elements that progressively but sympathetically protect again both common and differential mode interference, they also feature cleansed star earthing to offer the very best possible grounding.


Also available is the DC version which offers additional protection from DC mains interference, further allowing the performance of your system to shine through.


And for the purist that does not want any filtering at all, Puritan offer the PB1DC, benefiting from the start earth but without the filter stages.


So if you are wanting to maximise the performance of your system but only have a few components or do not want to invest a huge amount then Power Brick is for you.


Give it a try we know you will be so very impressed!


PLEASE NOTE - The PB series do not come with a supplied power cable click here for the Puritan Power cables


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