Sony MHCV02CEK High Power Party Speaker One Box Music System

  • Splash proof top panel
  • 360° sound and rich bass over long distances
  • Live sound technology with DSEE
  • 18cm Speaker (7’’)
  • 360° party and loudspeaker lighting
  • Integrated DVD-player with HDMI-output
  • CD, DVD, Bluetooth compatible

Bring a spectacular festival sound for birthday parties, special occasions, or spontaneous meetings. 360 ° SOUND and bass sound transmitted over long distances, which is offered by JET BASS BOOSTER technology, will fill the whole space with distinctive music.

Inclined Tweeters fill the entire party with sound as the tweeters are angled to optimise the sound output. This combined with the subwoofer at the front now means, everyone can enjoy a strong and clear sound.

DSP technology filles the party with realistic sound of music festivals and live concerts, connoting a real festival atmosphere.

The speaker systems open back allows the large sound generator to produce music in all directions. This makes music clear from every angle.

JET BASS BOOSTER technology means you can feel songs from a distance and still enjoy the high-quality sound. Thanks to sloping bass-reflective tubular construction, the flow of the bass sound is concentrated, so you can hear it clearly and feel it on your own skin, even if you stand very far in the crowd.

When you compress original music files, the high-frequency elements of the music are lost. Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) technology restores these elements, creating true, high-quality sound that is closer to the original CD recording. DSEE technology in the MHCV02CEK automatically restores the details of digital music in an instant.

360° party lights and speaker lights on the MHCV02CEK will light up any environment replicating the authentic nightclub experience. Red, blue, and green party lights and speaker lights will light up the entire room. The MHCV02CEK is perfect for outdoor open-air festivals!

Equipped with DJ effects, the MHCV02CEK allows you to put your own personal spin on each song. Four different effects prepare the scene for the party: the Flanger effects creates a modulating sound effect similar to fighter noise, WAH automatically moves the filter frequency up or down, the isolator separates a specific frequency band, and the PAN effect moves the sound between speakers. Better yet, the Fiestable app makes using these effects as simple as pressing a few buttons on your smartphone.

With a built-in DVD player, this Sony system will turn your living room into a cinema. Invite friends to an unforgettable movie night, as the booming volume and powerful sound draws you directly into the action.

TAIKO Mode enables you to play samplers such as bongo, djembe, surdo and the Japanese taiko drum. Just tap the top panel to the beat of the music. TAIKO game mode truly shows just how interactive this Sony speaker/ system is. Test your sense of rhythm and compete with friends for the best score in TAIKO mode, tap and move your hands on the top panel at the same time as the lights and compete. If your score gets in the top 10, you can save your name.

Two microphone inputs, you can host karaoke nights and compete with your friends in singing fights. You can even connect a guitar and a microphone and indulge well. Under the option to connect a bass guitar, the speaker becomes an amplifier and takes care of overdrive effects.

With the Fiestable app, you can take music playback to the next level by syncing up party lights. Simply tap the party lights option, and the light effects of the sound system will also appear on the phone’s screen – the screen will flash and change colours to the beat of the music. Also exclusive to the Fiestable app is voice control. Change song, turn on light, switch colours all in a few words. Up to 39 commands are available, including music playback, lighting, and KARAOKE mode. From the Fiestable app, you can share information about your party on social media. Then all you have to do is turn on the music and spin a party.

The MHCV02CEK host many ports making it’s connectivity a highlight to your experience using this system. You can easily connect the system to the TV using the HDMI (ARC) output. You can watch TV and DVDs on the standard screen while enjoying the great sound of the MHCV02CEK’s speakers. You can plug in a USB device to play songs from your smartphone, computer. Simply plug your device into the PLAY / REC port. You can alternatively charge your smartphone using the same port.

Enjoy high quality content transfers via Bluetooth using LDAC technology. LDAC technology sends approximately 3 times more data (at a maximum transfer rate of 990 kbps) than conventional Bluetooth audio transmission. LDAC provides an exceptional wireless listening experience.

Party Chain technology allows one MHCV02CEK to connect and sync up with others, creating a proper party atmosphere. Add extra power to your sound system with Party Chain. Activate one device to be the ‘Party Host’ and sync music with the other systems in the chain. Compatible with 50 other home audio systems and can sync with music and lighting.

The MHCV02CEK is tripod compatible meaning that it can be perfect for studios and apartment environments. It is also great for neighbourhood parties.

When you want to move the MHCV02CEK, just grab it by the practical handle and tilt it. Thanks to the robust wheels, you can then drag it to the place where the party takes place

USB, HDMI, 2 Mic Input included

Voice control via Fiestable/party lighting via Fiestable

Taiko mode and Karaoke

Unit Dimensions

Height 50cm

Width 1cm

Depth 6cm

Weight 6kg

Requires 2 AAA batteries

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